Song: Higher Intelligence

  This is a song I created and recorded around summer 2021; not too long ago amidst the current and long-lasting dystopian nightmare coronavirushoax -- I'm playing my 6-string acoustic/electric guitar and my "A" Hohner Marine Band harmonica. I'm asking Americans to question who we are, what is our heritage and what do we stand for? This has to be asked as most people seem to believe in lies and liars, which is making it hard for the rest of us who understand what is going on to live free and to hold the wicked accountable for their crimes against humanity, and to save more innocent people from being harmed by our evil compromised rulers and the Satanic agendas they work to achieve, either knowingly or as willingly ignorant fools. The higher intelligence is the heart and mind of Jesus Christ, which is the most powerful being in existence, as He is the Creator of all things, the author and finisher of our faith. This can be experienced by paying attention to our conscie

Guitar Instrumental Pt. 2 (Album: Vol.1)

Guitar Instrumental Part 1 (Album: Vol. 1)

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